Buddhism                                of the 21 st  Century

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The Lotus Sutra
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The Lotus Sutra

was clearly expounded

for all human beings,

to enable them

to attain true independence.

It is entirely for all humanity”.

D. Ikeda

Why The Soka Gakkai is Attacked

The Soka Gakkai and its opponents are inseparable.

Buddhism teaches the principle of “Inseparability of opposing phenomena”.

Nichiren clarifies:

“These two aspects, the deluded and the enlightened,

are indeed two different phenomena,

and yet both are the workings of the one principle...the true aspect of reality”.

Shakyamuni’s life was inseparable from Devadatta’s jealousy, and

Nichiren’s life was  a record of standing up against attacks from various sides.

Buddhist Humanism is opposed by three types of enemies:

The Three Categories of Opposition to  SGI

Nationalist Cults   Authoritarian Priests   The Ill-Informed